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Episode 002 — The Hunk of Metal Metaphor

After recording the interview with Dr. Dealey I kept thinking about the metaphor of selecting a hunk of metal ore as a raw idea:


When a sword maker starts the process of making a sword they start with selecting a big hunk of metal that they will heat up, and hammer out, over and over again. After all the impurities have been hammered out of the hunk of metal the sword maker can start to shape the metal into a sword. The selection of the initial hunk of metal, of the raw material, is important because the sword maker wants to pick one that has enough “good metal” (i.e. steel) in it, and not too much junk that will get hammered out. If the sword maker picks a hunk of metal with too much junk in it, there will not be enough steel to turn into a sword…


I likened the process of picking the raw hunk of metal ore to picking a idea or topic one would be dissertating on. I was not confident that I made as much use of this metaphor as I could have during the interview, so this short episode is me extending this metaphor out a bit more.


I hope you enjoy it, and find it useful.


Music for this episode was generously provided by Audionautix.

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